Summer program 2018 - charter flights Antalya

Christian Tour - 13 june - 12 september (last flight)
Prestige Tours - 01 june - 14 september (last flight)
Day Tur operator Flight nr. Departure Antalya
Arrival Arad
Departure Arad
Arrival Antalya
Wednesday Christian Tour - 09:35 12:05 12:50 15:00
Friday Prestige Tours - 15:00 17:10 18:00 20:10

Airport presentation

Arad International Airport (IATA code: ARW) is located 4 km from the center of the municipality of Arad, the first important city in Romania at the entrance from Central Europe. It enjoys a good strategic positioning, being near the border with Hungary, 50 km from the road section – the Nădlac border and 20 km from Curtici – the largest checkpoint on railways.

Aimed for passengers and freight in domestic and international traffic, the airport serves not only Arad county, with a population of 409,000 inhabitants, but the entire western region of the country.

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A modern airport

A new terminal for departures was opened in April 2016 - T2. It was designed and built to become an important hub for the western region of the country. The new terminal has the capability of processing a number of 500 passengers per hour. The services provided are of high quality as comfort and convenience of those traveling are considered interest key points to Arad International Airport.

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