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To protect you from the new threat posed by liquid explosives, the European Union (EU) has adopted new security rules that limit the amount of liquids you can pass through security checkpoints. These rules apply to all passengers departing from EU airports, regardless of destination. This means that at the security checkpoints, in addition to checking for other prohibited items, you will also be subject to checks on the liquids you carry on you and in your hand luggage. However, the new rules do not limit the amount of liquids you can buy from stores beyond where you need to present your boarding pass or on board aircraft operated by EU airlines. The new rules apply from 6 November 2006 at all airports in the EU, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland until further notice.
What is allowed

What Does Not Change?

At the airport, however, you are allowed to:

  • put liquids in the luggage you check in – the new rules only affect carry-on luggage;
  • carry in your hand luggage medicines and products required by a special diet, including food for infants, intended for use during the trip. You may be asked to prove that you need these fluids;
  • buy liquids, such as beverages and perfumes, from shops at EU airports beyond the point where you are required to present your boarding pass or on board aircraft operated by EU airlines. If these liquids are sold in sealed special bags, do not open them until they have been subjected to security checks – otherwise the contents of the bag may be confiscated at checkpoints. (If you are transferring to an EU airport, do not open the bag before being checked at the transfer airport, or at the last transfer airport if you are transferring more than once).

All these liquids are in addition to the quantities in the bags provided with the closing / opening elements (“ziplock”) mentioned above.
If you have any questions, please ask the airlines or travel agencies for information before traveling. Please be understanding and cooperate with airport security staff and airline staff.

What is new?

When you pack.

You should know that you are only allowed to take small amounts of liquids in your hand luggage. These liquids must be in containers with a maximum capacity of 100 milliliters each. You must place these containers in a resealable clear plastic bag with a ziplock. The capacity of the bag must not exceed one liter per passenger.